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Fengxi has established long-term strategic cooperation partnership with Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences, relying on the abundant technological development strength, the company jointly developed vast projects of forest carbon-sink, industrial energy saving, biomass utilization and wind electricity, photovoltaic power generation, meanwhile, jointly cooperate to develop new methodology for enterprise’s straw plate making project and provides all-round services of financing, exploring to purchasing for carbon asset management. Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences is one of the earliest institutes that engaged in the development of clean development mechanism, and leads the design and construction of Guangdong province carbon trading mechanism, the powerful combination of company with GIEC established firm foundation for the company develops to be top-ranking carbon asset management service company in domestic.

BP is the all-around strategic partner of Fengxi, when the carbon asset management team, which located in Singapore headquarter, firstly participated in domestic voluntary emission reduction projects, it chose Fengxi to be its domestic long-term cooperation partner, and had signed a series of agreements such as financing development of forestry carbon sink project and landfill gas power generating project development, in addition, reached a framework agreement of future long-term cooperation, which is the major buyer of Fengxi carbon asset. The participation of BP opened up an effective international cooperation channel for Fengxi's financing and development of the domestic voluntary emission reduction projects and provided fund guarantee for Fengxi's comprehensive exploitation of domestic voluntary emission reduction projects.