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  Guangdong FengxiCarbon Modern Forestry Development Co., Ltd, established in 2009, registered capital is 20 million yuan . It mainly engaged in comprehensive development and utilization of forest resources. The company has been dedicated to the environment protection since the day of establishment, promoting the improvement in emission reduction.

  The company firstly developed DaPu forest carbon project (the owner) and then a series of carbon projects . Upon to now,it has developed a lot of projects on many fields like hydro, waste heat recovery, MSW. Among them, some projects have been registered at UNFCCC EB successfully. Then ,the company has become a carbon asset development and clean energy services companies, and is innovative enterprises in China's carbon environment field.

  Fengxicarbon company has some professional engineers who have a wealth of experience in energy, environment, information, finance, business, law, etc. Several of them are the first technical experts in the development of CDM and carbon market in China. Earliest in 2003,They have developed the EU Synergy and the EU framework cooperation projects, and other projects, as well as some wind power projects in Jiangsu and Guangdong. Most Successfully, they developed the straw board method---a new method in CCER research.

  Today FengXiCarbon has become China's leading integrated Carbon Service provider, and it is working on carbon finance, carbon standard development, carbon asset management, carbon trading, carbon investigation, energy management contract , emission assessment, and technology transition services. The company has professional and abundant experience in carbon asset development and management, and its services not only cover carbon development but also have various services based on personal request in order to maximize customers carbon asset utilization and effectiveness.

  Supported by its strategic partners-- Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute of Energy and energy giant BP, FengxiCarbon determined in the development of forest carbon, biomass, solar, wind and other CCER projects. FengXiCarbon has a number of strategic partners, such as GIEC、BP、CNPC、Sinopec、CHINA GUODIAN、JIANGSUGUOXIN、SICHUANWANTAN 、HONGKONG EMISSION EXCHANGE、CHINA EMISSION EXCHANGE and so on.

  Energy saving and emission reduction are the glorious mission of china, Is also the company responsible of ours. We have a long way to go......